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Harvest Time Academy is committed to reaching, embracing, engaging and growing this generation of Christ-followers.

Our Commitment

Through excellence in eduation and environment, Harvest Time Academy will engage the heart and mind of each child, equipping them to discover his or her God-given talents and devote them to a life of learning, serving, growing in relationship with Jesus Christ.


Marty Sloan

Harvest Time Lead Pastor

Sean Sloan

President & Chairman of the Board

Michelle Sloan

Harvest Time Academy Director

Erin Huckey

Preschool Director




Bible based curriculum is the foundation for quality education. At Harvest Time Academy, we use A Beka Book and BJUpress curriculum that is written from a Christian perspective. We believe it is important to provide students with a Biblical worldview, academic rigor, critical thinking and technology solutions.

A Beka Book is a comprehensive, quality curriculum and materials written from a Christian perspective. Now more than ever, each child needs a strong foundation in both academics and character, and A Beka Book provides teaching in both of these important areas of development.

We’re excited to have the opportunity to help kids grow both academically and spiritually using this highly acclaimed curriculum.


Philosophy of Education


Harvest Time Academy’s philosophy of education is based upon God’s Word. We endeavor to provide an atmosphere where the Word of God is preeminent in every subject throughout the school day.

One primary objective is to see our students grow spiritually. This is reinforced in every subject, not just Bible class or chapels. Our teachers and staff model a lifestyle of fellowship with God. The Word of God is taught, Scripture memorized, and application of God’s Word in daily living is emphasized. Students will also learn who they are in Christ, allowing them to develop their individual gifts and talents and employ them in a life of learning, serving, and growing in relationship with Jesus Christ.

Academically, HTA stresses excellence in every subject. Our curriculum is chosen especially to ensure that academic objectives are being met. The academic standards and expectations are high, not unrealistic. We realize each student has different abilities and expect each one to do his or her best. Our goal is to equip our students with the knowledge and understanding which prepares them for success in life.

Another key element in our educational philosophy is the partnership between the home and HTA. Without a healthy, supportive, and effective relationship between the school and the home, the student’s education will suffer. Parents expect and appreciate direct and regular communication from faculty regarding their child. In return, teachers expect parents to be responsive to their suggestions regarding their child. When this partnership is honored by all parties involved, every child at Harvest Time Academy is capable of reaching his or her fullest potential.


Free Lunch

We’re committed to giving your kids an education with traditional values, effective ratios, and safe, quality environments. Having to coordinate and pay for healthy meals in addition can quickly become a source of pressure for families. So, at Harvest Time Academy, you won’t have to worry about making sure your kids are well-fed. We’re excited to offer FREE LUNCHES to K3 and up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We use A Beka Book and BJUpress curriculum that is written from a Christian perspective. We believe it is important to provide students with a Biblical worldview, academic rigor, critical thinking and technology solutions.
Fall classes will begin August 15, 2018.
We have worked extremely hard on providing the most affordable high quality education possible. Our tuition costs are some the best available in the area. With that said, at this point there are no discounts available. No multi-child discounts or ministers discounts.
Scholarships will be solely available based on donor contributions.
We offer K-6th grade classes opening based on the number of students enrolled. The enrollment costs is non-refundable unless the class does not reach minimum student requirements. Although, we do expect classes to fill quickly.
There is no immediate plan for this but we are committed to partnering with families in the raising of their children in Christian education. Our current attention and focus is on establishing an excellent elementary experience.
We are equipped to have more than one class of each grade level if it is needed. This will be based on enrollment.
None. The tuition you see before you is all it will cost to receive the highest possible level of Christian education we can offer. No sports fees, book fees or library fees.
We’re really excited to offer FREE lunches to all enrolled students in K3 and up! We’ll be serving students a great, hot lunch from our full-service kitchen.
Two ways to enroll your child at Harvest Time Academy:

1. Stop by our office and pick up an enrollment packet.
2. Download and print the forms on the Enroll Now page.

Once you’ve completed your forms, return them to our office along with a $249 tuition deposit.